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Technical Program

FINAL schedule and session subdivision, and final Technical Program[170kb]:

Thechnical program time sheet, printable version[140k]


Monday 16th of May - Rectorate, Piazza S. Marco, 4


Opening session

Chairs: R.D. Graglia, G. Pelosi


Welcome Address

R.D. Graglia, G. Pelosi


Finite Elements in Microwave Engineering: 1968 to 1992

Jon P. Webb


Hybrid Finite Element Methods from 1990 to 2005

John L. Volakis


Technical Program presentation

S. Selleri


Welcome Drink


Tuesday 17th of May - Centro Arte e Cultura, Piazza S. Giovanni 7


Room A


Room B



Multi-Physics FEM Techniques in the Simulation of Semiconductor Devices

Organizer: G. Ghione

Chairs: G. Ghione


Advanced FEM and Hybrid Techniques I

Organizers: B. Notaros, J. Zapata

Chairs: B. Notaros, J. Zapata


Finite-Element NEGF Analysis of Optoelectronic Devices

X. Zhou, F. Bertazzi, M. Goano, G. Ghione, E. Bellotti, F. Dolcini, F. Rossi


Second-order N´ed´elec Curl-Conforming Prism for Finite Element Computations

A. Amor-Martin, L.E. Garcia-Castillo


Numerical FEM Techniques for the Sensitivity Parametric Analysis in Electro-Thermal Physics-Based Semiconductor Device Models

F. Bonani, S. Donati Guerrieri, G. Ghione


Analysis of 3D Components by 2D FEM

G. G. Gentili, L. Accatino


Parallel Deterministic Solution of the Boltzmann Transport Equation for Semiconductors

K. Rupp, A. Morhammer, T. Grasser, A. Jnge


Exact Discrete Electromagnetism by Sampling and Interpolation

E. Scholz, S. Lange, T. Eibert


Electrothermal Simulation of Wide-Area Power Semiconductor Devices During Out-of-SOA Events

A. Irace


A CAD Method based on Hybrid FEM and Spherical Modes for Direct Domain Decomposition

P. Robustillo, J. Rubio, J. Zapata, J.R. Mosig


A 3D Finite Element Framework for Comprehensive Multi-Physics Simulation of Semiconductor Devices

R. Sacco, A.G. Mauri


Finite Element 1-D Solutions in the Presence of Moving Media

A.Z. Ilic, S.V. Savic, M.M. Ilic,


Multi-physics Simulations in MEMS

A. Corigliano, A. Ghisi, S. Mariani


Nonrigorous Symmetric Second- Order Absorbing Boundary Condition: Accuracy, Convergence and Possible Improvements

S.V. Savic, A.Z. Ilic, B.M. Notaros, M.M.



Coffee Break


Coffee Break



Optimization Techniques and Parameter Space Sweep

Organizers: R. Dyczij-Edlinger

Chairs: R. Dyczij-Edlinger


Advanced FEM and Hybrid Techniques II

Organizers: B. Notaros, J. Zapata

Chairs: B. Notaros, J. Zapata


Reduced Basis Model Reduction for Time-Harmonic Maxwell’s Equations with Stochastic Coeffcients

M. Hess, P. Benner


Posidonia: A Tool for HPC and Remote Scientific Simulations

A. Amor-Martin, I. Martinez-Fernandez, L.E. Garcia-Castillo


Adaptive Model-Order Reduction for the Simulation of Devices Fed by Dispersive Waveguides Based on the

Finite-Element Scattering Formulation

R. Baltes, A. Sommer, O. Farle, R. Dyczij-Edlinger


Evaluation of Galerkin Interactions between Surface or Volumetric Elements

J. Rivero, F. Vipiana, D. R. Wilton, W.A. Johnson


Reduced-Basis Method for Geometric Parameters in Computer-Aided Design of Microwave Filters and Diplexers

V. de la Rubia, A. Lamecki, M. Mrozowski


FEM-BCI: a Set of Hybrid Methods for the Computation of Electromagnetic Fields in Open Boundaries

G. Aiello, S. Alfonzetti, N. Salerno


Mesh Deformation Techniques in Parametric Modeling and Numerical Optimization of High Frequency Devices.

A. Lamecki, L. Balewski, M. Mrozowski


The Efficient Mixed FEM with Mass-Lumping and Impedance Transmission Boundary Condition for Computing Optical Waveguide Modes

N. Liu, G. Cai, Q.H. Liu


Proper Generalized Decomposition Method Applied to Solve 3D Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field Problems

T. Henneron, S.Clenet


A New 3D DGTD Method Hybridizing the Finite Element and Finite Difference Techniques with Non-Conformal Meshes

Q. Sun, Q. Ren, Q. Zhan, Q.H. Liu


Robust, Efficient and Accurate Computation of Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems from Maxwell equations

M. Eller, S. Reitzinger, S. Schop, S. Zaglmayr


Multiscale Finite Element Modeling for Composite Material Characterization

B.-Y. Wu, X.-Q. Sheng, Y. Hao


Lunch Break


Lunch Break



FEM in Italy I

Organizers: A. Toscano, A. Laudani

Chairs: A. Toscano, A. Laudani


Acceleration/Preconditioning Techniques for large Problems

Organizers: A. Boag, B. Shanker

Chairs: A. Boag, B. Shanker


Convergence Analysis of a NURBSBased Boundary Integral Equation Solver

U. Iemma, V. Marchese


Hierarchical Functions for Multiscale Problems

R.D. Graglia, A.F. Peterson, P. Petrini,

L. Matekovits


Equivalent Polynomial Quadrature for Discontinuous Fields in the Extended Finite Element Method

G. Ventura


Linear Complexity Direct Finite Element Solvers for General Electromagnetic Forward Analysis and Inverse Design

B. Zhou, D. Jiao


Derivatives Computation of FEM Solution by Using RPQ Formulae

S. Coco, A. Laudani


Multilevel Nonuniform-Grid Algorithm for EM Scattering Problems

E.V. Chernokozhin, Y. Brick, G. Lombardi,

R.D. Graglia, A. Boag


FEM Computation of Current Density and Oersted Field in Real Spin-Torque Driven Magnetization Devices

A. Giordano, G. Finocchio, A. Laudani


A Combined Mechanical-Electromagnetic Analysis of Dish Reflector Antennas

D.J. Ludick, D.B. Davidson, M. Venter,

G. Venter


Numerical Simulations of Surface Plasmon Polaritons Using FEM

G. Lo Sciuto, G. Capizzi


Novel Surface-Volume-Surface Electric Field Integral Equation for Solution of Scattering Problems on Penetrable Objects

F. Hosseini, A. Menshov, V. Okhmatovski


FEM–NN Tool for the Simulation of Vector-Hysteresis in Magnetic Device

E. Cardelli, A. Faba, A. Laudani, G.M. Lozito, F. Riganti Fulginei, A. Salvini


Babich’s Expansion and the Fast Huygens Sweeping Method for the Helmholtz Equation at High Frequencies

J. Qian, W. Lu, R. Burridge


Coffee Break


Coffee Break



FEM in Italy II

Organizers: A. Toscano, A. Laudani

Chairs: A. Toscano, A. Laudani



Integral Equation / BEM Methods

Organizers: A. Boag, B. Shanker

Chairs: A. Boag, B. Shanker


Applications of Numerical Methods in Metamaterials at Microwave Frequencies

M.Barbuto, F. Bilotti, A.Monti, D. Ramaccia, A. Tobia, A. Toscano, S.Vellucci


The Integral Equation MEI revisited

J.M. Rius, A. Heldring, E. Ubeda


FEM Simulations of Acoustic Metasurfaces

F. Asdrubali, F. Bilotti, P. Gori, C. Guattari, A. Monti, D. Ramaccia, A. Toscano


Isogeometric Method of Moments Analysis for Electric Field Integral Equations Using Subdivision Surfaces

J. Li, B. Shanker


Volterra Series for an Iterative Finite Element Time Domain Solution of Wave Propagation in Nonlinear Media

S. Maddio, G. Pelosi, M. Righini, S. Selleri


Graph Laplacian Based Algorithms for Stable Current Discretizations on Macro Elements

R. Mitharwal, F.P. Andriulli


Design of Orthomode Transducers Using FEM Software Packages

G. Gentili, R. Nesti


From Surface Equivalence Principle to Modular Domain Decomposition

F. Muth, H. Schneider


A FEM Aided Approach to Cost-Effective Design of Direction Finding Asymmetric Arrays

L. Scorrano, L. Dinoi


A Novel Mortar Surface Technique for Modeling of Multi-Scale Stratified Composites

Z. Peng


Social Dinner


Social Dinner







Wedsnday 18th of May - Centro Arte e Cultura, Piazza S. Giovanni 7


Room A


Room B



FEM Applications

Chairs: G. Ghione



Domain Decomposition and Non-Linear FEM

Chairs: G. Battistelli, S. Selleri


Anisotropic Material Modeling in FEKO with Hybrid FEM/MoM

E.A. Attardo, M. Bingle, U. Jakobus



Combined Domain Decomposition and Model Order Reduction to Solve Complex RF Problems Using FEniCS

T. Flisgen, Johann Heller, Ursula van




Design, Finite Element Analysis and Fabrication of a 3D Periodic Structure to Read the Temperature of the Objects in Microwave Cavities

A. Bostani



A Spurious-Mode Free Jacobi-Davidson Method Combined with Domain Decomposition for the Modal Analysis of Electromagnetic Structures

O. Floch, R. Baltes, A. Sommer, R.




Study of the Proximity Effect and the Distribution Parameters of Multi-Conductor Transmission Line

L. Guizhen, G. Qingxin, Y. Hongcheng, L.




Efficient FEM Software Package Integration with Evolutionary Algorithms for Large Electromagnetic Problems

E. Agastra, A. Lala, B. Kamo, L.




Finite Element Modelling of Liquid Crystal-Based Microwave Devices

 F. Anbal Fernndez, R. James, L. Seddon, S.E. Day, D. Mirshekar-Syahkal



FEM-Based Optimization of Dummy Loads for High-power Wideband Microwave Calorimeters

V.Yu. Kozhevnikov, A.I. Klimov



The Finite Element Method for 2400 MHz Cylindrical Waveguide Antenna Modeling

E. El Kennassi, K.I. Janati, A. Dirhar, L. Bousshine



Localized Diffusive Source Estimation via an Hybrid Finite Element/Kalman Filtering Approach

G. Battistelli, L. Chisci, N. Forti, G. Pelosi, S. Selleri



A Proposal of Electromagnetic Field Analysis Method for Airport Surface in VHF Band

R. Kato, R. Suga, A. Kezuka, O.



Coupled Discontinuous Galerkin Time-Domain Simulation of the Nonlinear Electromagnetic-Plasma Interaction

S. Yan, J.-M. Jin


Coffee Break





FEM Theory

Chairs: David B.



Parallel Computation on Multi- and Many-core Computers

Organizers: A.E. Yilmaz

Chairs: J. Fostier, A.E. Yilmaz


Structured Meshes Using Computed Basis Functions

M. Nazari, J.P. Webb


Parallel Wideband ACE-FMM for Large-Scale Distributed-Memory Clusters

S. Hughey, H.M. Aktulga, B. Shanker


On the Preconditioning of the Differential A-Φ Formulation

Y.-L. Li, S. Sun, W.C. Chew, L.J. Jiang


A Parallel, Distributed-Memory MLFMA for the Stochastic Galerkin Method

Z. Zubac, J. Fostier, D. De Zutter, D. Vande Ginste


Impact of Causality on Computational Techniques

T.K. Sarkar, M. Salazar-Palma


Fast Scalable Parallel Direct Solutions to Surface Integral Equations in Computational Electromagnetics

B.M. Notaros, A.B. Manic, X.S. Li, F.-H. Rouet


Accurate and Efficient Nystrom Volume Integral Equation Method for the Maxwell Equations for Multiple 3-D Scatterers for Meta-Material Applications

W. Cai


Parallel MLFMA Accelerated Higher-Order Solution of Large Scattering Problems via Locally Corrected Nystrom Discretization of CFIE

M. Shafieipour, I. Jeffrey, J. Aronsson, V. Okhmatovski


Modeling the Ion-Exchange Process for Diffusion Waveguides Within Thin Glass Sheets

T. Kuhler, D. Zhang, E. Griese


High-Performance Surface Integral Equation Solver for Extreme Large Multi-Scale Electromagnetic Problems

Z. Peng, B. MacKie-Mason


Multiphysics Simulation of Integrated Circuits with the Finite Element Method

T. Lu, J.-M. Jin


An Empirical Methodology for Judging the Performance of Parallel Algorithms on Heterogeneous Clusters

J.W. Massey, A. Menshov, A.E. Yilmaz













































































































































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