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                                (approvate dal Consiglio di Dipartimento il 18 Maggio 2023 – Del. N. 162/2023)

Electronics and Electromagnetism: microelectronics, analog and digital electronics, sensors, high-frequency electronics, programmable digital devices, real-time ultrasound systems, radar and wireless systems, advanced analytical and numerical models for electromagnetic engineering, antenna systems, micro- and millimetre-wave systems, fast methods for electromagnetic simulation of complex problems, antenna measurements, antennas for automotive applications and MIMO radar.


Electrical Engineering, Measurement, Reliability and Safety: Power Converters: Electric Machines and Drives. E-mobility. Renewables, RECs and Power Storage. Circuit modelling. Electricity management. Machine learning for predictive diagnosis of devices and systems. Power quality. Monitoring of overhead and cable electrical infrastructures. Reliability. Metrology. Electromagnetic compatibility measurements. Smart-grids. Electrical and electronic measurements and uncertainty. Fault diagnosis. Risk analysis and functional safety. Maintenance, testing methods, qualification, and certification.


Telecommunications Engineering: Signal and image processing, information theory, radar systems and signals, remote sensing, communication systems, signals of opportunity, localization and navigation, multimedia content and communication security, communication networks, energy efficient communications, Internet of things, satellite communications, optical communications, vehicular communications and networks, body area networks, quantum networks, software-defined networks.


Automation, Control and Optimization: automatic control; optimal, predictive and robust control; nonlinear systems; cyber-physical systems; sensor networks; data fusion; adaptive and learning systems; autonomous systems; operations research; problem solving; decision-making; continuous and discrete optimization; large-scale systems;, big data and analytics.


Computer Engineering, Software and Network Architectures, and Security: software engineering, performance and dependability evaluation, stochastic models, model checking, model driven engineering, software product lines, formal development methods, software safety, requirement engineering, Cyber Physical Systems, big data, cloud computing, distributed systems, microservices,decision support systems, digital twins, Internet of Everything, communication and network security, next generation mobile networks (5G & beyond), Internet standardisation, future Internet.


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Knowledge Engineering, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition: smart data models, semantic computing, natural language processing, document understanding, data mining, data fusion, data privacy, Smart City, predictive models, trustworthy and ethical AI, explainable AI, deep learning, deep reinforcement learning, generative models, robot vision, biometrics, surveillance, multimedia, image and video analysis, human computer interaction, virtual and augmented reality, 3D graphics.


Bioengineering: bioimaging, bioinformatics, biomedical signal processing, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition and machine learning, biostatistics, computational genomics, biosystem modelling, clinical decision support systems.

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