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The laboratory has so far contributed to the Section "ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS ENGINEERING" of the PhD School on: ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGIES FOR INFORMATION ENGINEERING.

Currently, the MSD Lab is contributing to the Section "ELECTRONICS AND ELECTROMAGNETICS" of the PhD School on: INFORMATION ENGINEERING


The following theses have been recently defended by the PhD students of our lab:

  • "Digital Systems for Broad Bandwidth Signal Processing" (defended by Stefano Ricci)
  • "CAD Design and Manufacturing Technologies for Piezoelectric Transducers" (defended by Emiliano Maione)
  • " Multi-Channel System for Real-Time Processing of Ultrasound Signals" (defended by Enrico Boni)
  • "Development and Applications of a Range-Doppler Ultrasound System" (defended by Giacomo Bambi)
  • "Ultrasound System for Vascular Mechanics Investigations" (defended by Tiziano Morganti)
  • "3D Dynamic Ultrasonic Model of Pathologic Arteries - Application to the Assessment of Arterial Wall Mechanical Parameters" (defended by Simone Balocco)
  • "Design and Implementation of the Digital Section for a Novel Programmable Ultrasound Echograph" (defended by Luca Bassi)
  • "Hardware and Firmware for an Ultrasound Imaging System" (defended by Alessandro Dallai)
  • "Design and Implementation of Experimental set-ups for Ultrasound Contrast Agents Characterization" (defended by Francesco Guidi)
  • "Development of a New Acoustico-Optical System for Ultrasound Contrast Agents Characterization" (defended by Riccardo Mori)
  • "Design and Implementation of a Broad Bandwidth Acquisition Board for a Programmable Echograph" (defended by Andrea Cellai)
  • "Development of Novel Ultrasound Imaging and Doppler Applications on Echographic Research Platform" (defended by Lorenzo Francalanci)
  • "Simulation in nonlinear ultrasound. Application to nonlinear parameter imaging in echo mode configuration" (defended by François Varray)
  • "Development of novel ultrasound techniques for imaging and elastography - from simulation to real-time implementation" (defended by Alessandro Ramalli)
  • "Metodi di calcolo automatico per la misura di parametri morfologici e emodinamici tramite ultrasuoni" (defended by Andrea Lombardi)
  • "Study and optimization of 2D matrix arrays for 3D ultrasound imaging" (defended by Bakary Diarra)
  • "New beamforming strategy for improved ultrasound imaging : application to biological tissues non linear imaging" (defended by Matthieu Toulemonde)
  • "Development and validation of innovative ultrasound flow imaging methods"(defended by Matteo Lenge)
  • "High framerate imaging of ultrasound contrast agents" (defended by Jacopo Viti)
  • "Development of real-time software and firmware for a new ultrasound research platform" (defended by Gabriele Giannini)
  • "Novel ultrasound Doppler methods for blood flow characterization" (defended by Riccardo Matera)
  • "2D sparse array optimization and operating strategy for real-time 3D ultrasound imaging" (defended by Emmanuel Roux) 
  • "Novel Ultrasound Imaging Techniques" (defended by Valentino Meacci)
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