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Undergraduate education

Digital Systems Electronics

The Course introduces the main features of integrated circuits used in digital systems, and includes numerous laboratory experiences. Main topics: Fundamentals of Boolean logic, De Morgan laws, Karnaugh maps, combinatory and sequential logic circuits. Major characteristics of bipolar, CMOS e BiCMOS integrated circuits; Power consumption; Interconnection issues; Digital buses; Typical problems. Timing of digital circuits based on buffers, bus-switches, registers, latches, counters, memories.


Laboratory of Digital Electronics

The course introduces the fabrication technologies and the functionality of the main digital devices which compose the modern electronic systems. Particular emphasis is devoted to field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) and their configuration though VHDL language. Main topics include: planar CMOS and bipolar transistor technology, integrated capacitor and resistor; Static and dynamic RAM, FIFO, EEPROM and FLASH; Numerical systems, fixed and Block Floating point mathematical operations in logic circuits; CPLD and FPGA, VHDL programming language. The students will develop several projects in laboratory on Altera FPGA devices.

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