RME - RF, Microwaves and Electromagnetics Lab

The RF Microwaves and Electromagnetics Lab carries out research, teaching, and technology transfer activities. These are pursued in the fields of computational electromagnetics, antennas, as well as microwave active and passive devices design and optimization.
The Lab develops new concepts and techniques for high-frequency innovative systems, aimed at new and emerging industrial and telecommunication applications.

 The Lab is articulated in two Research Groups:

  • Antenna Systems and Computational Electromagnetics
    • Antennas: planar, horns, ultra wide band and smart arrays
    • Scattering: High frequency techniques for gravitational interferometers
    • Computational Electromagnetics: Finite Elements, Method of Moments
    • Microwave passive circuits: Orthomode trandsucers, couplers, polarizers
  • High-frequency Microelectronics
    • Characterization of active and passive components and subsystems for high frequency applications;
    • Design and optimization of hybrid circuits composed of COTS devices by in-house SMT technologies;
    • Design and optimization of integrated circuits in SiGe, GaAs and GaN technologies;
    • Development of circuits and systems for industrial and short-range communications


Full Professor: G. Pelosi

Associate Professors: A. Cidronali, S. Selleri

Assistant Professors: G. Collodi, S. Maddio

Scientists and Technologists: M. Righini, G. Paoli

PHD Students: 1 and Research Assistant: 4


Giuseppe Pelosi

School of Engineering
Via di Santa Marta 3
50139 Firenze
ph. +39 055 275 8531

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The activity takes place in the Labs located in Building 29, second floor, room 477/488B.
The Labs are open during the normal department opening hours.


























































































































































































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