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Eugenio Marino Merlo

Eugenio Marino Merlo  was born in Pistoia (Italy) in 1970. He received his degree in electronic engineering from the University of Florence, Italy, in April 1996. Qualification exam in June 1996. 1996-2007 he has been working as project electrical and thermal engineer (major customers: Pharmacy SS Annunziata Florence and bank CRF). Enabled to certificate Fire Safety Plants (Italian law 818/84), enabled to certificate Security Plants (Italian law 81/08). “SSIS elettronica”, Pisa University degree for Elettronics teaching in High Schools. “SSIS Informatica”, Pisa University degree for Computer Science teaching in High Schools. Since 2007 high school teacher. 2016 Student PhD in the Department of Information Engineering of Department of Electronics and Telecommunications of the University of Florence. His research interests concern non-destructive testing methods for composite materials.
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