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Advances on multimedia Forensics

Code ________
Year 2016
Instructor Piva (University of Florence)
Location Florence
ECTS Credits 2






Day Time Room
21/6/2016 14:00–18:00 108 Santa Marta (Firenze)
22/06/2016 14:00–18:00 114 Santa Marta (Firenze)





When observing a visual content on a web site, often people do not realize that such media have undergone a long series of transformations before appearing in their current form. In particular, the authenticity of visual contents is often overestimated: just by looking around, it is evident that creating fake digital contents is very common today, since many commercial and open-source software allow to inexpert users editing images and videos in a few minutes.

Multimedia forensics is a relatively new discipline that seeks to demonstrate the authenticity of a given multimedia content: the basic idea behind it is that any processing applied to a digital content leaves subtle traces, that can be analyzed to uncover the digital history of the object.

In the first part of the course, a general introduction to the field of multimedia forensics will be given. Then, the most useful traces that can be used for image tampering detection, and the main forensic techniques that are based on them, will be described.

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