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Global Optimization - Introduction and Recent Trends

Code ________
Year 2016
Instructor Schoen (University of Florence)
Location Florence
ECTS Credits 2






Day Time Room
13/6/2016 14:00–16:00 108 Santa Marta (Firenze)
14/06/2016 14:00–16:00 120 Santa Marta (Firenze)
15/06/2016 14:00–16:00 115 Santa Marta (Firenze)
16/06/2016 14:00–16:00 115 Santa Marta (Firenze)





This short course will cover a basic introduction to theory and algorithms for global optimization. It will be divided into the following sub-topics:


  •  Basic definitions; problems which are NOT global optimization ones (a quick overview of convex optimization).

  •  Classical and recent heuristic algorithms for large-scale global optimization.

  •  Exact methods - Branch & Bound approaches for global optimization.

  •  Heuristic methods for black box, expensive functions.

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