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Research Laboratories and Research Groups


Research Group
Lab Responsible
  • Dinamica Non Lineare
  • Sistemi Adattativi
Prof. Luigi Chisci
Communications and Signal Processing
  • Signal Processing and Wireless Communications
  • Image Analysys Processing and Protection
Prof. Enrico Del Re
Electrical Engineering and Measurement  
  • Reliability, safety  and electromagnetic compatibility
  • Electrical Science and Power Electronics

Prof. Marcantonio Catelani
Biomedical Engineering Laboratory Biomedical Engineering
Prof. Claudia Manfredi
Global Optimization Laboratory (GOL) Global Optimization Laboratory (GOL) Prof. Fabio Schoen
Processi ambientali
Processi ambientali
Prof. Stefano Marsili Libelli
Electronic Systems Design Laboratory
  • Microelectronics Systems Design (MSDLab)
  • Technologies for Environment and Cultural Heritage (TECHLab)
Prof. Piero Tortoli
Radar and Millimeter Waves Laboratory
  • Radar and Remote Sensing Systems
  • Millimeter Wave Systems
Prof. Angelo Freni
Data Communication Networks and Systems (DaCoNetS)
  • Computer Networks and Data Communications
  • Smart Systems and Networks
Prof. Romano Fantacci
RF Microwaves and Electromagnetics
  • Microelectronics
  • Antennas and Computational Electromagnetics
Prof. Giuseppe Pelosi
Distributed Systems and Internet Technologies (DISIT)
  • Distributed Systems
  • Knowledge and data intelligence
Prof. Paolo Nesi
Software and Data Science
Software and Data Science Prof. Enrico Vicario

Ultrasound and Non Destructive Testing (USCNDLab)

  • Optoelectronics and Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Analog Electronics Systems and sensors for non destructive testing
Prof. Lorenzo Capineri
Visual Media
  • Imaging, 3D and Computer Graphics
  • Pattern Analysis, Computer Vision and Multimedia
Prof. Alberto Del Bimbo


Autonomous Research Groups

Computational Vision Group - Prof. Carlo Colombo

last update: 25-Sep-2017
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