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DINFO Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione

The Board

The Board is an administrative body of the Department that assists the Head of Department in his functions, and whose duties include all matters not specifically reserved for the Council of the Department.

The Board is composed of the the Head of Department, who presides, five professors and researchers, elected by and amongst the professors and researchers of the Department; a representative of the technical and administrative staff elected by, and amongst,the technical and administrative staff who are members of the Council, a representative of the students, PhD candidates and research assistants elected by, and amongst, the students, the PhD candidates and research assistants who are members of the Council.

The Administrative Officer participates at the meetings of the Board in an advisory capacity. The members of the Board are elected for a four-year period and may be reelected consecutively only once.


The Board of the Department is composed of:


President: Prof. Enrico Del Re, Head of department


Rappresentative of Full-time Professors: Prof. Marcantonio Catelani, Prof.ssa Claudia Manfredi
Rappresentative of  Associated Professors:  Prof. Michele Basso, Prof. Pietro Pala
Rappresentative of Professors Researchers: Prof. Laura Pierucci
Representatives of technical and administrative staff: Maurizio Giannini

Representatives PhD students: dott. Giulio Bartoli





Regulatory references:

Rectoral Decree  n°. 25730/2012-"Statute of the University of Florence", art.27

Rectoral Decree n° 77 of 30/1/2013 - "Internal Regulations of Information Engineering Department”, art. 17

last update: 25-Sep-2020
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