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DINFO Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione

Departmental Council

The Council is the governing body of the Department. It also sets policies and strategic aims regarding scientific and teaching activities, as well as to related external activities, and makes decisions with respect to planning and development.

It is presided by the Head of Department and is composed of all the professors and researchers of the Department, as well as a representative of the technical and administrative staff such as the Administrative Officer and readers and collaborators language experts assigned to the department (15% of the components), of postgraduate students of the Department, research assistants and of the recipients of scholarships.

The Regulations of the Department governs the procedures for participation of a delegation of students and graduate students, as well as Research Fellows. Council meetings are valid if the participants make up at least half plus one of eligible voters, except in cases where the provisions of the law provide for a different quorum. In the computation to determine the quorum for the validity of the sessions the justified absentees are not considered.


The Departmental Council is composed of:

President: prof. Enrico Del Re, ,Head of department

Full-time Professors

Associate Professors

Professors Researchers both part-time and full-time and temporary

Administrative Officer : -

Representatives of technical and administrative staff: Silvia Capecchi, Maurizio Giannini Francesco Guidi, Rosa Maria Santelli

Representatives of PhD students: Dr. Dario Fina, dr. Pierpaolo Piunti

Representatives students: Barreto Donayre Cristhian Andre, Roberto Fabbri, Delogu Ettore, Alessandro Gentili, Greavu Fabian, Grilli Leonulli Philip Marra Francesco, Marco Pratelli




Regulatory references:

Rectoral Decree n° 721 of 17/7/2013 - “University Regulations for Departments”,art.9,10,11,12,13

Rectoral Decree n° 77 of 30/1/2013 - “Internal Regulations of the Department of Information Engineering”, art. 15

last update: 25-Sep-2020
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