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DINFO Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione

Head of Department

The Department is guided by the Head of Department, Professor Enrico Del Re, who legally represents the, guarantees its autonomy as a cultural unit, and promotes and coordinates institutional activities.

The Head of Department is elected by the Council amongst the full-time professors that are part of Department, except in extraordinary cases, as determined by law. The Head of Department is appointed through a decree from the Dean.

The Head of Department has a tenure that lasts four academic years and he may be re-elected only once, onsecutive to his first tenure.

The Head of Department may appoint a Deputy Head of Department from the members of the Council. The Deputy Head of Department assists the Head of Department, and acts in his stead in case of absence or impediment.

Furthermore, the Head of Department may entrust, even for a predetermined period of time, the undertaking of certain tasks (with the exception of those referred to in c.2 of art. 16 of the Rules and Regulations of Departments) to members of the Council or the Board. This decision is to be communicated to the Council at the first subsequent meeting.

Head of Department:  Prof. Enrico Vicario -      e-mail :
Deputy Head of Department:  Prof. Piero Tortoli
last update: 25-Sep-2020
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