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A new version (v. 3.7) of the software is available!


  • Improved new, eye-catching layout. Added several, more explanatory messages on encountering a configuration error. Bugs removed.
  • Introduced a new Blocksequencer for the management of more complex sequences. It is now possible to define nested loops, with a tidy and organized layout. The configuration can now accommodate for multiple sequences which the user can manually switch to, on the fly in the real-time software.
  • Improved the communication speed with Matlab® using MatLink. It is now possible to process data up to 15 frames per second with a fast computer.
  • Added new processing modules: Elastography module (CModElast), Pulse Compression module (CModPulseCompression), Compound module (CModCompound), Vector Doppler module (CModBModeVect), Gamma Compression module (CModGamma), Vessel Diameter Measurment module (CModDiameter), Multi Line Transmission module (CModMLT).
  • Improvements in processing modules: Audio processing module (CModAudio), Tracking module (CModBModeTracking), Flow Meter module (CModFlowMeter), Image module (CModBMode), Multigate Doppler Profile module (CModProfile).
  • Added special image processing algorithms: Bilateral filter, Median filter, Superimpose, Contrast enhancement.
  • Introduced the management of Esaote Probe BL433 (motorized probe).
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