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Themes & Projects

The research activities of the MSDLab mainly concern the development of new ULTRASOUND methods or systems for biomedical applications. Such activities are characterized by an approach strongly experimental, as they are not limited to simulations but always include the test/validation phase.

In order to overcome the limitations of accessible commercial equipment or laboratory instruments, new, complete ultrasound systems have been developed, and typically made available to partners of other scientific laboratories.

The MSDLab is proud of the collaboration with several esteemed research institutions or academic laboratories, which have frequently produced joint papers for conference presentations and for publication in peer-reviewed journals.

Major activities of MSDLab include researches in the following fields:



Such activities have been developed within the frame of the recently funded main projects:


iFIND: Intelligent Fetal Imaging aNd Diagnosis (Wellcome Trust - King's College)

SUMMIT: SUrrogate markers for Macro- and Microvascular hard endpoints for Innovative diabetes Tools (IMI)

DeNeCoR: Devices for NeuroControl and NeuroRehabilitation (Eniac Joint Undertaking)

CMUT-based open research platform for the improvement of medical ultrasonography through the development of new imaging and signal processing strategies (PRIN 2010-11)



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