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Active integrated antennas



The course provides a comprehensive  introduction to the active integrated antenna (AIA).

The AIA  has been a growing area of research in recent years, as the microwave integrated circuit and monolithic microwave integrated circuit technologies became more mature allowing for high-level integration. From a microwave engineer’s point of view, an AIA can be regarded as an active microwave circuit in which the output or input port is free space instead of a conventional interface.

In this case, the antenna can provide certain circuit functions such as resonating, filtering, and duplexing, in addition to its original role as a radiating element. On the other hand, from an antenna designer’s point of view, the AIA is an antenna that possesses built-in signal- and wave-processing capabilities such as mixing and amplification.

The effective design of AIA provides a new approach and new degrees of freedom to the development of innovative communication systems.


The Topics of the Course

Active antenna concept
Impedance matching and harmonic tuning
Radiating elements for active integrated antennas
Active integrated antenna configurations
Analysis methods of nonlinear microwave circuits

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