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Introduction to Indoor Wireless Positioning Systems

Code ________
Year 2017
Instructor Maddio, (University of Florence)
Location Florence
ECTS Credits 2






Day Time Room
06/07/2016 09:00–13:00 108 Santa Marta (Firenze)
08/07/2016 09:00–13:00 108 Santa Marta (Firenze)





Finding the position of a wireless source on the basis of the exchange of radio signals has been an important problem in the recent evolution of mobile communications and sensor networks.

This course covers the basics of positioning based on wireless measurements with particular emphasis on indoor scenarios, where the GPS-based approach is denied for physical reasons.

Special attention is devoted to cost-effective solutions for real-world problems, with strong integration with the existing wireless hardware and network protocols.

The course can be summarized in the following sub-topics:

  • Introduction and motivation

  • Classical geometrical approaches

  • Algorithm and theoretical analysis

  • Measurement methods

  • Conclusions


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