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Energy efficient Wireless Communications

Code ________
Year 2017
Instructor Morosi  (University of Florence)
Location Florence
ECTS Credits 3






Day Time Room
13/02/2017 10:00–13:00 115 Santa Marta (Firenze)
14/02/2017 10:00–13:00 115 Santa Marta (Firenze)
15/02/2017 10:00–13:00 115 Santa Marta (Firenze)
16/02/2017 10:00–13:00 115 Santa Marta (Firenze)





In this course, we first present facts and figures that highlight the importance of green mobile networking and then review existing green cellular networking research, providing general guidelines and design criteria in order to reduce power consumption, to increase the energy efficiency in cellular networks and to generalize these strategies to ICT systems.

A particular focus will be on techniques that incorporate the concept of the “sleep mode” in base stations. It takes advantage of changing traffic patterns on daily or weekly basis and selectively switches some lightly loaded base stations to low energy consumption modes.

As base stations are responsible for the large amount of energy consumed in cellular networks, these approaches have the potential to save a significant amount of energy.


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